What We Do

Protecting Ireland's Animals since 1949

The ISPCA is the leading animal welfare organisation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and responsible rehoming of Ireland’s most cruelly treated, neglected and abused animals.

The ISPCA’s team of animal welfare Inspectors respond to reports of animal cruelty and neglect. The ISPCA also operates a number of animal rehabilitation Centres throughout Ireland, providing veterinary care, shelter, and rehabilitation before being responsibly rehomed.


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Our mission is to prevent animal abuse and to ensure that animals in Ireland enjoy a good quality of life. This is achieved through our well researched resources, in terms of animal welfare supports and of education and advocacy initiatives.

Protecting animals from cruelty and neglect

Our Inspectorate

ISPCA Inspectors are the front line against animal cruelty in Ireland, investigating complaints of abandoned, neglected and cruelly treated animals.

With legal power under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 (AHWA), which came into force in March 2014, our Inspectors investigate complaints of animal cruelty and neglect. It is their job to establish the facts behind each case and decide whether or not there is evidence to suggest that an offence of cruelty has been or is being committed.

Where possible, our Inspectors use their communication skills and animal welfare knowledge to teach animal owners to care properly for their animals. If owners are unable to care for their animals appropriately, our Inspectors will offer the opportunity to surrender them. Prosecution is the last resort but, under certain circumstances, our Inspectors can seize animals and prepare case files that may result in legal proceedings.


Our locations

ISPCA Animal Centres

The ISPCA’s four animal rescue and rehabilitation Centres support the ISPCA Inspectorate and our affiliated members with the rescue, rehabilitation and responsible re-homing of cruelly treated and abused animals.

The ISPCA National Animal Centre, Derryglogher, based in Keenagh, Co Longford opened in 2002 and is accessible to our Inspectors from across Ireland. The Centre is designed to provide veterinary care and rehab to all animals subjected to cruelty or neglect and to return them to a state which enables them to be responsibly re-homed. The National Animal Centre can house over a 100 animals in need at any one time.

The ISPCA Equine Rescue Centre is located in Mallow, Co Cork. Following the huge increase in cruelty calls involving horses and ponies, the decision was taken to develop a centre for the rescue and rehabilitation of all equines. Staff at the Equine Centre in Cork, care for many equines from the south of the country, and also collaborate closely with the equine unit in Longford.

The ISPCA Donegal Animal Rehabilitation Centre, based in Ramelton, Co Donegal opened in 2018. The state-of-the-art facilities include an animal treatment room, rooms for small animals, large animals, and aquatic wildlife such as seals, as well as stables, kennels and a cattery. All animals and species are welcome.

The ISPCA Wicklow Centre, based in Sharpeshill, Co. Wicklow promotes responsible pet ownership, prevents animal cruelty across the county, rehabilitates and responsibly re-homes countless animals. Over this time, the Centre has become an intrinsic part of the Wicklow community and a focal point for social good, through volunteering, education, employment, fundraising and the promotion of rural sustainability.

The ISPCA Waterford Office, based in Summerland Square, Clashrea, Co. Waterford, works at promoting animal welfare throughout the county of Waterford.

The Cork, Donegal, Wicklow and Longford Centres all aid the Inspectorate and support the ISPCA’s 14 Member Societies and other animal welfare organisations throughout Ireland.

Education is key to better animal welfare


Education is paramount to furthering the ISPCA’s objectives in preventing cruelty and promoting kindness to animals. The ISPCA believes that raising people’s awareness is the best insurance against cruelty to animals in the future. The ISPCA aims to prevent cruelty, neglect and abuse to all animals and to promote compassion for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.

School visits to the ISPCA National Animal Centre are an integral part of our education programme, children are the key to the future of animal welfare in Ireland. ISPCA work experience programmes have provided many opportunities for students in different areas such as office work and animal care.


Report Animal Cruelty

ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline

A National Animal Cruelty Helpline operated by the ISPCA deals with many thousands of calls regarding animal welfare. The public has become more aware of animal welfare, and intolerant of what they perceive to be cruelty or neglect. Consequently, the volume of calls to the ISPCA continues to increase, stretching our services beyond measure. If you believe an animal is in distress, please call 0818 515 515 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm in the strictest of confidence, or you may complete our confidential complaint form online. In cases of an emergency, please contact your local Gardaí after these hours.

The ISPCA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and welfare
of animals in Ireland.

For over 70 years, the ISPCA has been at the forefront of animal welfare. 

We work hard to prevent animal abuse, protect animals in need and prosecute those who those who break Irish animal health and welfare law.