Thumper found a new best friend with her forever family

Today's Happy Tail is from Rachel, who adopted Thumper the rabbit back in 2023.

Today’s Happy Tail is from Rachel, who adopted Thumper the rabbit back in 2023.

Here is how Thumper is getting on at her forever home:

“We went to the Donegal ISPCA in search for a new rabbit as our at-home rabbit Elsa’s companion passed away!  We had a look at a few gorgeous bunnies that we’re available for adoption and we decided to take home Thumper! We brought Thumper home and carefully introduced it to our other rabbit Elsa.

At first, they were a bit cautious, sniffing each other and hopping around. But as time went on, they started to bond and are now inseparable. They cuddle up for nap time together and it’s so nice to see Elsa happy again as she was really down when her companion passed away.

It was such a heartwarming sight to see them become the best of friends. It just goes to show that adopting another rabbit was a wonderful decision that brought so much joy and companionship to both the bunnies!”

We would like to give a huge thank you to Rachel for sending us this lovely update on how Thumper is getting on at her forever home.

Did you know we also have three more beautiful rabbits looking for their forever homes in ISPCA Donegal.

Rodger  Lawrence   Mamoa

All our rabbits are water bottle trained, they love their grub, especially fresh grass & leaves. They adore some carrots & apples for treats but their main diet consists of good-quality pellets & hay. We carry out extensive handling during rehabilitation and will be able to provide potential adopters with the information needed, advising what type of home, with experience or not, our rabbits need. At the Centre they spend their days out on the run with friends & are housed indoors at night. In their new homes, if they are not house rabbits, outdoor hutches must be secure & predator-proof & have access to be moved indoors during freezing temperatures. We rehome rabbits in pairs or to homes with another rabbit for company, once safely introduced.

We also have lots of wonderful dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, horses, ponies and donkeys; and rabbits, ready to meet you. Please consider adopting and visit

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