Sweet Little Valentine

Little kitten Valentine, who was found badly injured, has now had her surgery and is doing great.

The sound of crying led to a little kitten being found in the grass beside a busy car park. Although there were no signs of injury, she was just lying there listlessly, so the kind person who’d found her then brought her home. The kitten showed no improvement and was not accepting food or water. With no micro-chip and no sign of an owner, the ISPCA were contacted so that this brave little kitten could get the care she needs

All of us had fallen for this sweet seven-month-old kitten. She radiated so much love and happiness despite her painful ordeal. Everyone who passes is made to stop for hugs and kisses. Thus, we named her Valentine.

Unfortunately, after a full examination, X-rays quickly showed that she was suffering from multiple pelvic fractures, the most serious being a fracture of her right ilial wing needed for weight bearing.  Muscle tears had also caused a hernia in her abdominal wall.

Valentine needed two procedures. Firstly, a soft tissue surgery to repair a large hernia. Then, a bone plate and screws were fitted to stabilise her pelvic fractures. She is recovering well in vet hospital and is now walking, eating and toileting. As the bruising and swelling around her pelvic area recedes, mobility issues with her right hind leg will hopefully continue to improve and she will return to full health.

Valentine needed two surgeries – one to mend her fractures and another to repair a hernia.

This lovable kitten was able to get the emergency surgery and care she needed to survive because of kind people like you.

Her treatment and care are expensive and she will need physio to recover fully before she can be rehomed.  For now, she is on antibiotics as well as medication for pain relief.  With lots of good food and warmth, and the addition of plenty of love, hugs and kisses, Valentine will soon be back to being a playful young kitten.

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