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ISPCA Policy on Laboratory Procedures

The I.S.P.C.A. is opposed to all experiments and scientific Procedures which cause pain, distress or suffering to living animals.*

The Society advocates that all institutions using animals for research have an Ethics Committee to scrutinise and either approve or reject project applications and to monitor and control the conduct of subsequent experiments. The members of this -committee must include animal welfare representatives.

The Society is opposed to all experiments on animals which involve unnecessary repetition, which involve techniques for which satisfactory and humane alternatives have already been developed, which are for scientifically trivial ends or which are for testing substances not essential to the health or welfare of humans.**

The Society is opposed to the taking of animals from the wild for use in research. Where the animals are still used in research they must be obtained only from specialist breeding establishments.

The Society considers that laboratory animals and those in breeding establishments must be provided with shelter, care, food and water in a manner appropriate to their physiological and behavioural needs.

The Society particularly opposes the use of animals for testing cosmetics, the Draize Test and the LD 50 Test.

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