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ISPCA Policy on Companion Animals


The I.S.P.C.A. approves of the keeping of companion animals only when there is full personal commitment to the welfare of the animals. The animals must be provided with shelter, exercise, care, food and water appropriate to their physiological and behavioural needs.

The regulations governing companion animals must include the licensing and control of breeders to ensure humane breeding and rearing conditions.

The Society advocates the compulsory registration and identification of dogs.

The Society is opposed to all mutilations on companion animals carried out for non-therapeutic reasons. It also condemns selective breeding in the search for certain external features, which adversely affect the health and welfare of the animals.*

The Society considers the neutering of companion animals an essential part of responsible pet ownership unless there are veterinary or other valid reasons to the contrary.

The Society reluctantly accepts that the humane destruction of healthy animals may sometimes be unavoidable and advocates that these animals be killed by a method which is both painless and effective, administered by responsible and properly trained individuals, in accordance with the latest researches of the Society.**

The Society advocates legislation for the welfare of animals offered for sale in pet shops and elsewhere,

On sites where the welfare of colonies of feral cats is ensured and their- Presence is welcome by the owners of the sites, the Society advocates the sterilisation of these cats, provided humane procedures are followed.

Note*: The Society considers neutering to be therapeutic.

Note: ** Sometimes there are cases In which an animal should be put down as quickly as possible and it would cause more suffering and distress for the animal if it had to wait until it could be taken to a vet or a vet could be brought to it.

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