Molly has changed her new family's life

"We have all spent a lot more time outdoors and together since she arrived"

Molly joined her new family earlier this year and has changed everyone’s lives with her wonderful personality! Check out this lovely update that Fionnuala sent in:

“Phoenix, otherwise known as Molly, is getting on great. She is a pure treasure! We love her! She is getting big but not too bold! She has a lovely temperament and for the most part, very well behaved. She has changed the whole dynamic of the house. I now get to see the elder child, the stroppy teenager, who now comes out of her bedroom and spends a lot of time playing with the dog! The youngest is very good about bringing her for walks on the lead and playing hide and seek with her in the long grass. And the middle child is teaching her how to play football. Also, I am getting lots more exercise! We have all spent a lot more time outdoors and together since she arrived, which is great news.

The cat has learned to tolerate her and has actually, like the stroppy teenager, become more sociable!  She’s getting better about not chasing the hens, although I have a broody hen that has put a few manners on her. She is very good about doing her business in the field behind the house. She loves running through the long grass, chasing moths in the evening, digging holes, fetching balls, biting her bone, going on walks to the farm, playing with her teddies and having her belly rubbed.

Many, many thanks for giving us the opportunity to have her in our family.”

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