It's National 'Bring Your Dog To Work Day'!

We've prepared some tips to help make this an enjoyable day for everyone!

Tomorrow is National ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ and for many of us working hybrid, our pooches have been our best work colleagues, and no doubt entertaining during zoom meetings!  Now it’s their turn to keep you company tomorrow and our four-legged friends will love nothing more than spending the day in the office with you.  Dogs in particular are social animals and we’ve prepared some tips to help make this an enjoyable day for everyone!

Pet tips and advice when bringing your dog to the office

  • Check with your boss in advance to ensure bringing your dog to work is okay.
  • Speak to your work colleagues to ensure everyone is comfortable, eliminating any potential stressors.
  • Ensure your dog will have a quiet place to rest by creating a safe space beside your desk using their favourite blanket.
  • Dogs can be curious about new environments, smells and people so ensure the office is dog-proof with no hazards or doors left open for escape artists.
  • Build independence if you leave your desk, gradually building up the duration your pet is alone, rewarding good behaviour.
  • Bring some treats and an interactive chew toy such as a Kong to relieve any boredom while you work.
  • Keep your dog on a long leash to prevent wandering off.
  • Ensure there is plenty of fresh cool water available.
  • Regular toilet breaks will prevent any mishaps – better safe than sorry!
  • Increase exercise and play before leaving the office so that they have an enjoyable experience.

Not all dogs will enjoy or suit an office environment so please be mindful of this to ensure it is a positive experience for everyone!

Happy #BringYourDogToWorkDay

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