With over 250 dogs in ISPCA care, we are appealing for homes for over 150 dogs now rehabilitated and ready to go to new loving homes.

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The ISPCA is appealing to animal lovers across the country to open their hearts, homes, and networks, to share, foster or adopt a dog in ISPCA care, to help find them loving new homes.   With over 250 dogs in ISPCA care, we are appealing for homes for over 150 dogs now rehabilitated and ready to go to new loving homes!

Animal cruelty remains a sad fact in Ireland, as the ISPCA continues their relentless work to prevent cruelty, protect vulnerable animals and to prosecute all those who break animal welfare legislation.

Earlier this week, five young puppies were brought into the ISPCA’s National Animal Centre, after a member of the public made the shocking discovery, and found the helpless puppies discarded in a cardboard box near Granard, Co. Longford.  It’s unclear how long the puppies were there but thankfully they are all doing well, despite the worst start in their young lives.

Head of the ISPCA’s National Animal Centre, Trish Spargo said: “Not only is it an offence to abandon an animal, but to leave vulnerable puppies in a cardboard box and walk away is extremely irresponsible and cowardly. It’s heart-breaking that anyone could put these innocent lives in such danger and we are appealing to anyone who has information, to please contact the ISPCA’s National Animal Helpline in confidence on 0818 515 515”.

Trish added: “The puppies, since called Sean, Stephanie, Michelle, Brendan and Gaza have all received the all-clear following a veterinary assessment but they won’t be available for adoption for a few weeks yet until they have fully recuperated after their ordeal. We have so many other dogs in ISPCA care, patiently waiting for their chance of a happy new home and we are appealing to the public to consider adopting an older dog. When you adopt a dog or a puppy from the ISPCA, we ask for an adoption donation of €150, which helps us cover some of our veterinary costs such as neutering or spaying, microchipping, vaccinations, treatment for parasites etc.   You can visit our website rehoming section here: or email us at [email protected] for more information. If people are not in a position to provide the long-term commitment that owning a dog involves, maybe consider fostering or sharing our social media posts to help our rescued dogs in need of new homes.

The ISPCA is reminding pet owners of the positive benefits of getting their dogs neutered or spayed and puppies (when of age) as early as possible, to prevent accidental and unwanted litters from being born in the first place.  Pet owners should speak to their vet as soon as possible to get this simple procedure done without delay.

In nearly every case, neutering or spaying has overwhelmingly positive benefits such as:

  • Prevents unwanted litters of puppies.
  • Reduces fighting and unwanted territorial behaviour.
  • Has a positive effect on a dog’s health and lifespan.
  • Reduces the risk of certain cancers.

ISPCA rescue centres across Ireland are full of dogs in desperate need of loving homes.  If you are not in a position to adopt or foster yourself, you can still help by encouraging friends and family to do so.

If you can, a kind donation will help the ISPCA to continue to rescue and care for neglected and abandoned dogs until we find them a loving home. Please donate online at  or call our fundraising team on 087 0512603.

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Are you passionate about animal welfare and want to make a difference in an animal’s life? If so, volunteering at an ISPCA centre may be the perfect opportunity for you!