ISPCA Appeal for Foster Homes for Horses, Ponies and Donkeys

The ISPCA is appealing for urgent foster homes for 24 rescued ponies, donkeys, and horses, which are currently looking for their forever homes.

The ISPCA is appealing for urgent foster homes for 24 rescued ponies, donkeys, and horses, which are currently looking for their forever homes.

Launching a nationwide fostering appeal, the ISPCA’s National Head of Animal Welfare, Denise McCausland said: “We have several equines that are ready to go to new homes now and we are appealing for suitable foster homes, where they can continue their ongoing rehabilitation. We have many more equines undergoing intensive veterinary treatment, so they will need to remain in our care for some time yet, but we urgently need to make room to help more injured, emaciated and cruelly treated equines, that need to be rescued and admitted by our Animal Welfare Inspectors”.

Denise added: “Finding space is always a challenge as we have limited isolation units, making it difficult to cope with admitting new equines that need to be brought into our care. We are asking for public support to consider fostering one of our rescued ponies, horses, or donkeys.  If you have a suitable spare stable or field shelter and are considering getting another equine as a companion animal, please visit our website for more information and how you can help.

Yesterday (11th June), a recently rescued mare gave birth to a healthy filly foal in ISPCA care.  We were able to provide emergency accommodation and a veterinary care ensuring her foal would be born safely. The mare, named Emma after her rescuer, was admitted a few weeks ago after a call was made to the ISPCA’s National Animal Cruelty Helpline by a member of the public.

ISPCA Senior Inspector Emma Carroll located the emaciated mare tethered at the side of a road. She was extremely thin with her bones protruding. The mare was taken into ISPCA care and received the urgent care and veterinary treatment she needed. A veterinary examination revealed that she was suffering from a fractured jaw, making it gruelling for her to eat.

The mare was hand-fed by animal care staff for the first few days, until she managed a mash-based feed by herself. She received vital nutritious food and prescribed pain medication to ensure that both herself and her unborn foal were kept comfortable.


Senior Inspector Carroll said: “As soon as I arrived, it was clear the mare was in a dire state. She was severely emaciated, and the fact that she was heavily in foal made the situation even more critical. Immediate intervention was necessary to ensure both her survival and that of her unborn foal. It was a relief to see her starting to recover under the care and proper nutrition at the ISPCA. This rescue highlights the importance of equines being microchipped to ensure accountability and tracing of ownership, which is vital for their welfare and protection”.


This is just one of many rescued equines that need our help. A kind donation can provide life-saving care to help vulnerable animals, just like Emma. Please support the ISPCA today by making a kind donation  You can make a difference to help the ISPCA save more animals from cruelty and neglect.  Thank you.

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