Danika and Dermot

Today's Happy Tail is of Danika and Dermot, who is also our November feature in our 2023 Happy Tails Calendar!

Danika & Dermot were rescued along with many other pregnant dogs and pups when ISPCA inspectors raided an illegal puppy farm. Breeding dogs in such filthy and unsuitable conditions without adequate nutrition or care causes serious health problems. Many have matted coats caked in faeces from lying in their own excrement or suffer painful skin infections and open sores due to wet bedding.

Overgrown nails can cause serious infections making it painful to walk. Other health problems can include ear mites, eye ulcers, and eyes that are blinded by wet mats of hair. A puppy bred in such poor conditions can often be very sick and unhealthy too. Each year, thanks to kind supporters, pups like Danika & Dermot and their mom are taken to safety and given the treatment and care they need for a happy new start.

Danika and Dermot are our November feature in our 2023 Happy Tails calendar!

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