Cailín is the best cailín beag!

Cailín living her best life with her favourite human, Kaydi

Today’s Happy Tail is a special one for National Animal Week.

When Niamh Crowley and her daughter Kaydi saw the awful footage of an ISPCA inspection and rescue on an illegal puppy farm, they knew it was time to stop just wishing for change and do something to make it happen.

“They showed us the video and we could see her in the cage. It broke our hearts. Why would anyone inflict that kind of cruelty on an animal?”

They watched as over 120 dogs were rescued from dreadful, filthy conditions, and being forced to breed for profit. All of those dogs were all taken in by the ISPCA. And one of them, Cailín, a 4-year-old Corgi, was adopted by Niamh and Kaydi.

Actually, it’s probably closer to the truth to say that Cailin adopted them.

When they saw images of cruelly abused dogs they contacted the ISPCA and asked what they could do to help.

“We went into a meeting room and waited. We were so nervous. Then one of the volunteers brought in Cailín and I burst out crying. Her eyes. The same sad eyes from the video. The sadness in her face. Kaydi was crying, too. ‘You have to take her, you have to. I knew straight away we were taking her home.”

That evening Cailín was in her new forever home.

The plan was for her to sleep downstairs but when Kaydi went to bed Cailín followed her and wouldn’t sleep anywhere else but by her side. Cailín had chosen her favourite human.
“Cailín is such a sweet dog. But when she arrived, there were clear signs of trauma. If anyone stood over her she became terrified. And she was too frightened to be walked. She only ever fully relaxed with Kaydi.”

We talk a lot about how we can help animals, but animals help us too.

“When Kaydi was 12, her mother moved away and Kaydi came to live with us. She missed her mum terribly but when Cailín chose her as her special human, something really beautiful happened.

We see a massive difference in Kaydi since Cailín came to us. She’s grown as human being. They’ve helped each other. I think it’s a very special thing for a person when an animal trusts them 100%.”

And all of this comes from the care and compassion of the amazing animal! This National Animal Week, will you donate towards more Happy Tails like Kaydi & Cáilín’s? Your gift will help countless other abused and neglected animals that are being rescued from illegal and unlicensed puppy farms across Ireland start a new, love-filled life. 💙

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Together, we can make cruelty a thing of the past.


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