An extra-OREO-dinary new life

Today's Happy Tail is from Lauren and Dylan, who adopted Oreo, who was with us for just under 6 months in ISPCA care

Our ISPCA Happy Tails celebrates the wonderful stories of animals, many who were once neglected, abused or abandoned, that have found new and loving homes through the work of the ISPCA and the support of people like you. It really warms our hearts to see how much these animals mean to their forever family and see how much they changed their lives.

Today’s Happy Tail is from Lauren and Dylan, who adopted Oreo, who was with us for just under 4 months in ISPCA care.

Here is how Oreo is getting on at her new home:

“When we got Oreo we were so excited to have a new addition to the familly. We didn’t have any expectations for the new member just a puppy who could get on with our cats. In walked Oreo and our hearts were set, it was way too late.

We rushed to get her home, having decided she was family we didn’t want her to be away any more than needed. What we brought in was a terrified little puppy who chewed things when nervous and hid under the Christmas tree for comfort.

Oreo quickly grew, bewildering everyone who saw her as to her breed but winning hearts with her good behaviour and happy puppy attitude. She started picking up tricks with ease but still kept her antics.

She became known as Baby or Princess, living up to both names. Now 8 months on, things have settled. Oreo is crazy at times and full of energy, she’s a puppy and hasn’t learned yet why the cats don’t want to play.

She came into our lives right before we lost my dad, and Oreo gave us a reason to keep going and get out when things were hard. For that, I’ll give her the Furever home she deserves and treat her like the princess she is.”

We would like to thank Lauren and Dylan for sending us this lovely update on how Oreo is getting on at her forever home.

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