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June 4, 2024

About Houdini

Houdini started out as a scared injured kitty trying to survive alone in the great outdoors and did attempt an escape act during his rescue but since he was taken in by his wonderful foster family his wounds are healing, and he has blossomed into a confident sassy cat who knows exactly what he wants from his forever home 🏡

Like his namesake, this is one smart kitty and his fosterer is convinced he understands everything she says to him. He is super sweet and friendly but on his own terms – he loves following his fosterer around rubbing off her legs and he also enjoys head bumps and chin scritches but he doesn’t like being handled as much. Although he’s now gotten used to human interaction he still would be best suited to a home with no children and understanding adults who will treat him with the proper care.

It has also recently been discovered that Houdini has diabetes and will require insulin injections twice a day. However, it is easy to administer the injection and Houdini is friendly enough that he doesn’t mind it.
Houdini is VERY food motivated (he has a particular weakness for wet food) and surprise, surprise, he’s even broken into the food supply a few times but with a name like Houdini, a few locks or closed cupboards would be no match for him. But with his diabetes, food control is necessary.

Houdini also likes to play although a smart kitty like him gets bored with easy to capture fluffy toys and cat trees that are no match for an escape artist of his calibre. The elusive laser pointer though keeps him entertained and outwitted.
Most importantly, he will need to be the only animal in his forever home as he is not a fan of other cats or dogs.

Houdini will be happy out in a home with a kind caring human or two who understand his special needs, a couch to sleep on and the occasional head and chin rubs. If you can give him that, he will definitely be retiring from the escape artist business and taking up a new job as magical resident kitty 🐈

The Purr-fect Forever Home:
🐈 Adult only home
🐈 No other animals in home
🐈 Indoor only
🐈 Special needs kitty

Houdini is currently in the care of Cat & Dog Protection Association

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Country of Origin: ROI

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The Process

The adoption process at the ISPCA is designed to ensure the best possible match between animals and their prospective adopters.

Step One
Contact us

Contact the member society or animal centre and arrange to visit them. To save time you can complete an application form online, directly from the animal page.

Step Two
Get all the info

The member society or animal centre will give you information on adopting an animal, including the cost, and can help you fill out the right forms.

Step Three
Meet him/her

Following an assessment to match you with the right pet, you can meet the animals and reserve the animal you like.

Step Four
Show us around

A home visit will then be carried out to check your home is suitable for the pet you have chosen.

Step Five
Welcome your new best friend

When all the paperwork and checks are complete – you can take your new pet home! A follow up visit is usually carried out to make sure you and your new pet are happy!

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