A tiny kitten was saved from a river with seconds to spare

As they approached the wall, the kitten fell in and started struggling to stay afloat.

A little over a week ago, a woman called the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline after she heard meowing along the river while out walking.

The directions were good and ISPCA Animal Welfare Inspector, Alice, quickly found the little kitten tangled in the growth at the edge of the river. There was no movement from the tiny body. Then she at heard the faintest meow and had to act fast; the kitten was alive but down a steep wall and couldn’t be reached.

This tiny kitten, at only about 6 weeks old, was alone and in great danger.

Alice spotted a father and son further along the river with a canoe and asked for help. As they approached the wall, the kitten fell in and started struggling to stay afloat. With no time to lose, the son reached out and pulled him from the water before placing him in the cat box provided.

River as he’s been named, was brought to the Vet where he was given a full examination and then kept in overnight to be monitored.

River is now in safe hands thanks to kind supporters and members of the public.

It’s heart-breaking that this tiny kitten was alone and in such danger. Thanks to kind supporters and members of the public, his precious little life was saved. Although without a mother or siblings, River will now get to grow up and live a happy life in a loving home.

The ISPCA continue to receive a great many calls about kittens too young to survive on their own.

Generous donations from kind supporters help to fund the costs of the ISPCA Helpline and Animal Welfare Inspectors, as well as veterinary costs and aftercare at our rescue Centres.
If you can, please make a kind donation here to help animals like River, so that they too can be saved. ~ Thank you ~

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